RAMPS shield questions

If I do not use limit switches and encoders, where I have to set the jumpers?
What other jumpers must be set?

The driver for the X axis is heated (warm but not burn), even when not in use. This is normal?

Jumpers may be set over the limit switch pins (signal - ground, x min through z max).

I would recommend replacing that driver.

Hi there, can this one be used for greater reliability?
[mks gen ramps 1.4 ]
just thought is might be a better solution being all in one board…
the other question is would it be fully compatible,
Kind Regards, Levi


Gabriel, maybe I do not fully understand the instructions.
Image from page: https://farmbot-genesis.readme.io/docs/assemble-the-electronics-box

Wires 3 and 4 are connected to 12 volts DC.
Where are the wires 1 and 2 connected?

They are optional, but they would also connect to 12V. Specifically, those wires (labeled 1 and 2 in your image) provide power to D8 on the RAMPS board. D8 can be used for a high-power peripheral such as LED lighting.