RAMPS wiring diagram needed.😀

Hi everyone, I have started a diy build this weekend and am going with ArduinoRamps but have been unable to find a wiring diagram. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’m fine with motors and power supplies but unclear about the encoders and peripherals



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Hi @Itanc1

The on-line Documentation maintained by the FarmBot Team is excellent and actively curated.
I’m thinking you’ll find your answers for your DIY kit in these pages :slight_smile:

hi @jsimminds,

thanks for another answer, i cant tell you how much i appreciate your help! you’re in austrailia? which model do you have and how is it working for you?

, i have made some good progress today…rpi is flashed and talking to the webapp, arduino has its firmware. I am a wacking 6% configured! in the process of wiring up motors and encoders but…i have a gap in my knowledge here. are you in any way familiar with the encoder topology? i have AS5600 magnetic angle sensing encoders that i believe to be of a quadrature nature (2 phase shifted square wave outputs that encode for speed and direction but i am unclear if these will interface directly with the RAMPS. might you have any insights?

secondly the RAMPS wiring that i have found only takes and encoder input from 1 of the x motors so im wondering if you can tell me if only one of the motors needs an encoder or if they both have them and are in some way combined before they connect to the RAMPS board?

thanks so much again John



Hi @Itanc1
I did not know that shaft angle encoder but I found a nice explanation and video here. Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:
That AS5600 has an I2C interface and produces absolute angle integer values so may not work with RAMPS using the standard FarmBot-supplied firmware (?) Are you up for making your own “Custom” firmware for the Arduino ?

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Mornin @jsimmonds How you doing? Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with that video and have made contact with the author. I agree that these units will not be suitable without an extra stage to convert absolute to quadrature. Bummer.

As to writing custom firmware, yes in principle but I’d rather not have to do this to get started. The year is moving on and I really want to see the machine planting next spring. And my time is limited. Having said that there is one thing that springs to mind. I can’t for the life of me see why there is only 1 encoded x motor and if I was going to and able to write custom firmware this would be my first job. As a builder of Cnc machines the twin motors on each end of the x axis would seem to be the most important place to have feedback to prevent racking. These motors are tiny for such a large frame and I would think that even bird poo on one side could cause a jam but if that jam occurs on the unencoded side then this would result in serious racking and system failure. Do you agree? Or (hopefully) I have not fully understood?

Anyway today I hope to see the x and y axis of my machine moving under power

Cheers again chap


Yup, and that could be challenging to build :wink:

I assume you’ve discovered the rotary encoder specs for the integrated NEMA17 motors that FarmBot supplied ? ( I think they’re wired for differential A and B “line driver” because of the very long cables )

. . and the “Plug Everything In” page which clearly shows that the X2 motor encoder is not connected and a text block which says

Only one x-axis encoder is currently implemented in the firmware, so
the X2 encoder wires do not need to be plugged in to the RAMPS board at this time.

Yup, agree. Again that’s Custom firmware . . provided that the AtMega MCU can handle the additional CPU / interrupt load when all 4 encoders are signalling at max axis speeds ! (???)

@Itanc1 … Yes, I do, though as I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve not yet operated any physical Farmbot machine with actual active motors !

It’s only the recent Farmduino PCBs with the TMC2130 stepper driver chips that support Stall Detection ( in software/firmware ) a.f.a.i.k.

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