Random reboot without prompting

I was attempting to track down a code

in that my scheduled tasks were no longer workings. They would just disappear at the scheduled event. I left it over night then this happened.

Why did the FB reboot?

Yes it fixed the scheduler issue however the evidence of the problem is lost as it now works again.

I think there’s a “recovery” strategy of “REBOOT” when MQTT connectivity has been lost for some period.
The code should tell you.

I was half expecting there to be some detection software, but I think it would be helpful if there are log entries of what FB is up to.

Yes, I get the idea this is an open-source project and contribution is desired.
My challenge there is I do not yet know the language but I guess I am going to have to learn.

On the contributing side, how does someone make code changes / suggest code changes?
I have never done that kind of thing before.

For example, I have re-rewritten the watering sequence to be more network-resilient in that it checks every 20 seconds over a three minute period to prevent a single network API lookup causing the sequence to fail. I don’t know what to do with the improvement I have made

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