Raspberry pi 3 alternative?


My raspberry pi 3 just broke… Al the raspberry pi 3 are out of stock. Is it plausible to use an other board like the pi 4?

Hi @Stephanvl

Short answer : Yes.
Long answer depends on what bot you have ?

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We would suggest that you replace it in kind. If you had a Raspberry Pi 3 you should replace it with a Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 3B+

Although they are out-of-sock on the FarmBot website, you can order these on Amazon or if you are in Europe, there are local European distributors of electronics.

If you don’t keep the raspberry pi in kind, the firmware may not work.



Maybe this will help.

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for the reply. I have a genesis 1.2 and nowhere where I can find a raspberry pi 3. And when I find one now I might have a problem in a view years…
Do you know if I have a firmware probleem with a pi 4?

Gr Stephan.

Hi @Stephanvl
RPi4B works well on FarmBot machines.
The Raspberry Pi creators are the people who influence the lifetime ( and availabilty somewhat ) of their devices :slight_smile: (licensing, IP, etc.)

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