Raspberry Pi Connection Issue

I put my FatmBot away for the winter. Shortly before the season ended last year I had some connectivity issues but decided to figure it out this year. So here we are.

I hooked up my farmbot and downloaded and installed the newest OS. It connected to the network but won’t connect to the raspberry pi.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

@FranktheTank my suggestion : manually (re-)flash your Farmduino (v1.5) firmware.

@FranktheTank I took a look at your device remotely. Your firmware controller is set to ttyACM0, but no such device can be found- are you sure that the Farmduino is physically plugged into the Raspberry Pi?

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So I looked at all the connections and actually reconnected them just to make sure. Seems like everything is connected correctly.

One other thing I noticed is the red light in the upper right corner is flashing, not solid like I believe it should be.


@FranktheTank OK, the Farmduino is visible now. There is still no GCode coming from the Farmduino, though. Your camera is taking photos fine, which makes me less suspicious of a voltage issue (usually when there are power issues at play, the camera stops working).

Here are some other things we can try:

  • Unscrew the RPi from the standoffs. Remove the current USB pigtail and replace it with a KNOWN GOOD USB cable (determine if the cable broke)
  • Remove the Farmduino from its current USB port and move it to a neighboring port, or even better, the port that the camera is currently plugged into. We’ve seen faulty USB ports in the past.
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You got it man! I yanked the one from my printer and it connected. So I’m on the hunt for a new cable now. Thanks for your help!


@FranktheTank Happy to help! Enjoy your 2021 growing season :tada:

As a side note, if you are based out of the US, you can find replacement connectors on Amazon for a few bucks, but make sure the cable bends in the correct direction! I once bought a cable that bent 90 degrees to the right and was not usable in the electronics box because of how things fit- just a heads up for anyone finding this thread via search.