Raspberry Pi Seems Dead

For the last week of so my Farmbot was rebooting randomly a few times a day. I tried a new power supply brick and the same thing happened. Today I started the debug and my RPi was not showing up on my network. I rebooted and the status lights on the RPi we solid for power and blinking in a pattern for sync. I then reflashed the Farmbot OS and now the RPi is rebooting continuously. See the video https://photos.app.goo.gl/VoFwVRLaD4WqJw1WA. I’m not sure what next step to be taken.

Hi @tvromero try flashing another known good SDHC card ?

I got it working. I placed the SD card into a different RPi I had and then the proper booting happened. I replaced the card back into the original RPi and the same no boot happened. I then removed all the attachments to the RPi and booted just with the card and power and the boot worked as expected. I reconnected all the attachments and now the original RPi and original SDcard are all working as expected. I will need to wait a few days to see if the reboots are still happening.

About two weeks ago we had freezing temps here over night, maybe 2-4 hours at 29 to 30F for 5 days. Is the RPi or the farmbot face board susceptible to freezing temps?

In an appropriate enclosure ( where frozen water can’t interfere with the Pi PCB too much ) these temps are not likely to damage the RPi, especially if the RPi is powered On and running.

The PCB has some components spec’ed for 0 … 70 C limits and one may have failed in your case.

I found this RaspberryPi forum thread relevant to your question :slight_smile:

I am still having issues with fairly constant reboots which eventually result in the Farmbot not booting completely. The reboots seem to be random over a 24 period but do seem worse at night. I am also getting an undervoltage and throttle issue.

@tvromero Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you please email us at contact@farm.bot if you haven’t already and we’ll investigate your issue further and send replacement parts free of charge if necessary.