Raspberry Pi Temperature CPU

Hoi folks,

as far as I know you can read out the CPU temperature of the Raspbi, right?

This would be great if accessible in the webinterface (and per MQTT)?

I feel that the raspbi can get quite hot now during summer days and I would like to see if I will get a problem…

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I have wondered how well the electronic components will fare in the hot sun.
I know that most DT CPU’s have therm trips around 100 C, so well over a hot day. Having said that, heat is the “IC Killer” so being able to at least be aware of it seems like a good add…

This sounds more like a feature request than a troubleshooting topic :slight_smile:

thanks for moving!

I think that’s a great idea. But if you don’t want wait till the farmbot-team has implement this feature-request. Here is a link: https://larsbergqvist.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/self-monitoring-a-raspberry-pi-with-mqtt/

Hi @fafi, nice idea, thanks but could you tell me how I could integrate that code into the farmbot? I am not able to ssh into it so no way of executing customized code without rewriting the firmware…?!

hmmn first of all: the fb-firmware runs at the arduino and the farm-os runs on the raspberry-pi. Have to confess that i have no farmbot yet. So are exists the same rules for farm-os and firmware? If yes, it’s a little sad.

  1. I would fork the farm-os project and name it farm-os-dev
  2. I would insert an ssh-terminal and a git-client so you have control of the update cycle
  3. In regular times look at the master-fork of farm-os and merge the interesting commit into your fork

Yeah it’s a little work to maintain a custom fork but i think the community will be thank you for that work and you could be proud to maintain the farmbot-os-dev fork :wink:

Last but not least a call at the farmbot team: Let us know how your deployment cycle works to support your community

hi @Klimbim
according to this @Farmbot team: would you tell us something about your deployment cycle? you have to use nerves.

Can’t imagine that you’re the first who want to read out the temperature with nerves so i created a post at the nerves forum.
My approach would be:

  • find a file which hold the cpu-temperature on the linux-system at nerves
  • read out this file in an interval of XX seconds with elixir I/O-File-Lib
  • send the data to an REST-API e.g. adafruit.io

Unfortunately I’m at my girlfriend home this weekend and I only have a windows notebook here. :frowning:

I’ve left a number of rpi’s outside in environments with temperatures >= 110 degrees for about a week at a time in northern California and never had an issue. That being said the RPI has no guarantees for surviving said temperatures. FarmbotOS is a pretty efficient app and only uses about ~5% of the raspberry pi’s CPU time under synthetic heavy load. This does seem like it might be a good feature request tho just for peace of mind.

First, to clarify: features like this can be implemented with Farmware:

import subprocess
import farmware_tools

# Get the temperature of the RPi's CPU (SoC). Returns a string: temp=49.9'C
temperature_string = subprocess.check_output(['vcgencmd', 'measure_temp'])
# Send the temperature string as a log message to the FarmBot Web App

One of the main goals of the Farmware plugin system is to provide a simple way to extend FarmBot’s functionality via Python scripts instead of requiring modification of FarmBot OS or other parts of the software stack.

Second, we will be adding CPU temperature to FarmBot OS information in the next release:


This feature has been released with today’s software update.