Raw Photo image size and options

Hi All,

After searching most of the github code and jumping to the conclusion that custom farmwares are no longer supported I decided to put in a request here.

I want to create many, many, photos of the garden bed. The raw photo logic works great, and upload it to my own backend. Sadly the resolution of these images is way smaller than the maximum supported by the camera. Would it be possible to add an optional parameter to the take_photo_raw() to configure the fswebcam command options.
One to override the resolution for basic usage, and a second to configure a full string with additional parameters to control the brightness, contrast etc (or get the response for --list-controls) back.
This will help to get more consistent images creating a mosaic or a 3d-scan of the garden.

Example command to get all options on linux:
fswebcam -d /dev/USB_BOREHOLE_VIDEO --list-controls

Kind regards.