Re-configure Farmbot

Hi there,

I tried configuring the farmbot using a network which did not provide good enough connection. I am trying to get access to the configure page again to choose a new network but the farmbot network does not show up in the available networks when searching for using wifi. Can you please help?

You will need to press the FACTORY RESET button in the Device widget.

Hi Gabriel and thanks for your reply. The farmbot has never been synced and that is why I am trying to configure it again using a different network. The device widget Just shows that the device has never been connected and does not have many of the functions as a result.

In that case, you may need to re-flash FarmBot OS to the SD card if the FarmBot network doesn’t show up after rebooting.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your help. I think that did the trick. So what I did this time was to run a cable for Ethernet which is connected now but The farmbit Web app still says the machine is not connected.

The farmbot network does not show up when searching for Wifi networks which I think means that configuration has gone through.
Your help is much appreciated.