Read only Raspberry Pi?

I’m using my farmbot for an educational application and the difficulty connecting to wifi has been an issue. I’m hoping to use WPA_supplicant.confi to select internet connection (toggling between wifi and ethernet) to make connecting to different networks easier, but I’ve found that the os on the farmbot raspberry pi appears to be read only. Is there a firmware setting that limits configuration? Does anyone know of a way I can edit the raspberry pi configurations to make internet connection easier? I was also wondering if I could get a new raspberry pi with default settings and then download the farmbot os to avoid this problem, but from what I’ve already read it seems like this is not possible because of how the os was developed.

I’m hoping to learn more about the farmbot software and about possible solutions to these issues so I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you!

The easiest solution for your situation is to flash multiple microSD cards and configure them to the same web app account but different internet networks. Then insert the correct card for the location you’re in.

While you may be able to edit some config files directly, FarmBot OS is not built to handle such a use case and I am not sure it would work.

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@pie For applications where the FarmBot will be moving around for demonstration to various schools we recommend getting a Wi-Fi hotspot device so that you are always connecting to the same network. We have published pages in our documentation to address this specific application.

Changing or adapting your firmware is likely not a good path if you are not a firmware developer with firmware experience.

All the major telecom service providers offer Wi-Fi hotspot devices and we have had success using these Wi-Fi hotspots for FarmBot demonstrations in Doha, Qatar and Calgary, Canada.

You can investigate Wi-Fi hotspot devices and get some ideas about what may work best for your application.

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I would love to hear more about what/ how you’re using this in Edu, we’re looking to do the same but looking for some advice / learnings.


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