Really weird sequence execution

I’m having an issue with my watering sequence. It’s not working correctly. As you can see, it should be following the order of my plants, but it’s skipping some. I applied the beta to see if that would fix the problem but it didn’t

Here’s another which is odd:

@stre1026 That is very strange. What is your device ID? Please leave the device online while I take a look (I may need to remotely inspect it)

Hi @RickCarlino

Thanks. It’s 11807

As a side note: it would cool if you had a spot in the profile of this forum to be able to put the device ID so you could just refer to it if you wanted to. Just a thought!

@stre1026 Taking a look now.

Our forum software supports this. We can add it.

@stre1026 I need to ask more specific questions about your account. I will move the discussion to PM.

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Thanks @RickCarlino

I’ve added mine!

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