Reboot cycle and overheating

**Ever since I first set it up it, periodically goes into a seemingly random reboot cycle. It appears this began at 08:07 am today; I haven’t tracked when it did this on previous cycles but this is about the correct time as it is when I’m about to go to work or just getting home in the morning. **

**At present is has booted 22 times and flashed the firmware 4 times in the last hour. Also, I noticed a spike in CPU temps at 07:46 am from 46 degrees to 75 degrees by 08:06 am and it got up to 79 degrees by 08:51am. **

the wifi connectivity graph is sitting stable at roughly 76%

**At 09:10 it stabilized and stopped rebooting. At 09:21 I sent a command to move x 100mm… no problem. I sent a command to return to home. command failed and it rebooted and set its current location to 0,0,0. **

And now it is back into a reboot cycle starting with 09:21, then 09:42, then again at 09:47.

WHAT am I missing that might be causing this?

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