Recommended software for home CNC machine

In your experience, what software do you recommend for a home CNC machine? maybe thats a good starting point for reference?

Hmmm, I assume you mean to interpret the “g” code for the the CNC and drive the steppers. Mach3 is the most widely used commercial software for driving a hobby class CNC. Its pretty good actually and widely supported.

Any that are open source?

Yea, there’s a fairly active Linux group here:

Its been a few years since I tried this code base on some Geco drivers. It worked pretty well then but was not as mature as Mach3. Mach is pretty cheap, so I tend to just go that way. For open source folks, the Linux CNC project is a good starting point.

BTW, have a look here:

Thank you very much for your input.

I made some of the aluminum plates for my farmbot with a home built CNC.

I used fusion 360 to take the designs files and make the g codes. I then used to running on an PI to send the G codes to the software running on Arduino which actually controlled the stepper motors. It all worked very well.


My tool chain:

SolidWorks for CAD
DelCAM for SolidWorks for CAM (to get the g-code)

Then I run the g-code on my Haas VF2 to make parts :slight_smile:

I kind of like the UI of 360, but for me its a bit of a mess with the “art/design” functions mixed with CAD. For cloud based, I love OnShape except when the models/assemblies get to large. Oh, and I literally dream of the day when/if SolidWorks would port to OS/X.

So many tools, so many projects and not enough time in the day to do them all …