Recruiting a Project Leader


Ahoy community. Pending the arrival of my Farmbot I’m planning to recruit a local youth to drive the project. Here’s the message I’m sending out to help build a list of candidates …

Human to build Robots!
_In the April edition we’ll be featuring a story on how a special Robot might help us stay healthy and eat well, while combining some techie fun and the fresh air too! _
But this Robot needs a Master ! Someone who can programme, work outdoors, and would feel good about helping others and at the same time building a business.
Perhaps somebody young, from the local community looking to make a fresh start and become Master of their own destiny.

I’m looking for help in preparing the ideal attributes in detail, to aid my interviewing (assuming anyone replies !!), particularly interested in getting this from the Education community who have experience with younger Farmboteers.
Many thanks, piltdowndave