Regimes not running after OTA update

After the latest OTA update, my regimes do not run when scheduled, unless the farmbot webapp is open. Genesis v. 1.2, farmbot os 9.2.2

Thanks for letting us know @steffan I will take a look.

@steffan On initial inspection, I could not find any peculiar errors. I will run some tests on my local device to see if I am able to reproduce. The device looks very healthy overall and appears to have a very strong internet connection.

A few questions:

  • Have you disabled auto sync recently? Disabling auto sync could mean that the web browser has a more up-to-date set of regimens than the device does.
  • Does a manual sync help? Sometimes the sync system will have a hiccup and not sync a newer version of a resource (such as a regimen) leading to an inconsistency between FBOS and the Web App.
  • Did you see any peculiar error logs around the expected execution time? As I mentioned, your device looks very healthy otherwise and I could not find any surprising logs in the device’s recent history.
  • Has your ISP had any outages recently? Since 1.2 bots do not have a clock onboard, they require an internet connection to keep time. Long connectivity outages can cause clock skew which can lead to missed executions.
  • (unlikely, but possible) If your FarmBot is in a large organization such as a school or university, has your sysadmin made any changes with regards to accessing NTP (network time) servers? If your device is not managed by an IT department, this is almost certainly not the issue.

Since the Regimen portion of FBOS has not changed this release, the most likely guess is that there is a transient data sync error or a problem with network time.

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