Renting a bin to dispose of old farming equipment

I am a farmer. I am a newbie to this forum. I worked as a supervisor on a farm in Toronto and then started one on my own. Recently, I replaced the old farming equipment and purchased new farming pieces online. I have been using old equipment for over three years. Most of the machines are completely damaged. Some of them are not working properly. I guess those machines can be reused if repaired. I donated them to a natural habitat restoration. Now, I want to remove the unwanted and damaged equipment. I don’t know what to do with them. I need to rent a bin for disposing of the unwanted machines. I am looking for the best trash removal services. I just need to immediately empty the shed to occupy the new equipment. The new machines will be delivered soon. So I need a suggestion quickly. Is renting a bin expensive?

Hi KelliR,
I am not sure this is the best forum to get a good answer to your question. This forum a) is primarily FarmBot-related posts and information and b) is worldwide, so not specific to resources in you local area. I think you would have better results if you look into forums, groups, online resources, etc. closer to your area you live in. Also, I would add detail to your question such as amount of dispose resources you are looking for, as well as type of material you are reffering to.
Best of luck!