Replacement Tubing

I didn’t think to use a regulator coming off our faucet. Our high water pressure burst the tubing along the X axis. It appears that you do not have the longer tubing in stock. Is there any way other way to get this? Home Depot has the “Vinyl” version, but it’s too rigid. Can you recommend another source to buy a replacement?
Thanks for any help with this!


Interesting. My Farmbot kit shipped with a 25 PSI irrigation regulator. It is the black component in this picture. Home Depot carries them in the Drip Irrigation supply section. Digg is the brand. I would suggest looking for 1/4" (6mm) ID silicone tubing on line. For Farmbot - 1

Thanks for your reply John. I did get a pressure regulator (Qty. 1). However, as you can see in my instructions it is attached to the solenoid valve, and then mounted behind the main box on the gantry. Your set up is different then mine. Didn’t think of it at the time that I would need one coming out of my faucet. Yea, looks like my only option is to buy online…was hoping Farmbot guys might have the longer one available. Appreciate your help!

I am V 1.2 which is Pre-Brass-Nipple. They had a plastic nipple for the tubing. That did not work reliably and leak free. So I went ahead and fabri-cobbled the PVC monstrosity you see in the picture. I also Tee’d it into an existing pressurized irrigation supply line. I did not want to have a garden hose be my permanent solution. Technically there should be a backflow preventer in there somewhere, too.

It took a lot of fittings to accommodate the mix of hose and pipe thread.

As I experiment with the Watering Tool Head configuration, I may also include an adjustable pressure regulator. Still waiting on my parts from the 3D printer.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I should have known better than to hook mine up directly to a faucet. I did get the tubing via Amazon (10’)…shipping to arrive this week.