Retractable crossbar

Okay so hear me out, I’m not the most technical person, or engineering oriented, but a lot of plants for food grow very tall. When the farmbot comes along, it will decapitate a lot of those types of plants. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to have the apparatus have a sort of crossbar that can raise up and down and lock in place when down? That way when it reaches the destination it needs to get to, it can put the crossbar down over a space where putting down the crossbar won’t damage the plants and do what needs to be done.

I also had the idea of a sort of robotic arm to allow more delicate maneuvers for more food forest type gardens rather than traditional row gardens. Tracks that run along the contours of the garden. A more permaculture intersection of tech and nature.

I might not be very clear with the desire, but it would be amazing if there were voice or video chat channels to discuss these things

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I have considered something similar as FB cannot look after the humble tomato plant as they just get too big. The logistics to extend the height are challenging as the Z-axis (I think) would become too heavy to reach down if extended, so extending vertical support might be the answer. That is quite a project. :sunglasses:

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Is there a discord or similar messaging channel for Farmbot?

My other idea is to have the top open and to utilize extendable servo arms for the Farmbot tools

Not that I have seen.

This forum is also extremely quiet, and FB themselves do not appear to be active in the forum either - which is a shame.

I have attempted to get support, but FB is incredibly slow or non-existent. They do not help themselves as they do not support the community through this channel.

The community of user have to help ourselves… 8-(. and sometime there are things we cannot do.

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