Rigging from ceiling

So I live in an apartment and am now debating on how to go about setting up a farmbot in a very constrained space, and I think the best way to do this will be hosting the farmbot from the ceiling, basically above the crop square. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about this or experience, or what problems i might face.
I think it’ll basically mean putting the whole thing upside down and reversing the cross slide.

–Thank you

I’m sitting here staring at a farmbot and it seems to me like that should work fine. If it is going to be inside, are you going to use grow lights? and if so, love your thoughts on how to deal with them because it seems hard to get them close to the plants and not interfering with the robot. I had wondered about actually having lights that could be set down on some sort of rack over the plants and then put a tool head on each light so the robot could pick up and move the lights to make room to work then put the lights back when done.

Very much on the same page as you two.

I’m trying to figure out a way to best mount lights for indoor use. Our FarmBot will be used for education in an indoor setting. Figuring out a way to set up lighting is not exactly easy when the main FarmBot arm moves in an X,Y,Z axis above the plants.

I’ve thought about mounting the light strips on pillars, the base of the garden bed, and a couple other ideas I’ve had on the fly but most of them don’t seem to work out.

very much open to discussion with this. It seems like a lot of FarmBot users do not have the intent of using their bot indoors.

We could get up a good foundation of RnD for something that has yet to come!

If it’s crop that don’t really need much light intensity i think you can put some kind of led, like two rails with 5 spot of 5x5wat led with light heatsinks attached to the structure of farmbot, and farmbot would act kinda like a lightrail when not working on a specific task. I don’t know if the weight would require bigger motors though.

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I will be receiving my farm bot very soon and it will be used indoors as well. Have you made any progress or found solutions for how to set up the lightingt?