Rooftop gardening

Can anyone give any information on rooftop gardening in general? Important things to know, restrictions, cautions, etc?

I am going to install it on a rooftop as well. The roof is flat and 15 meters high, it will be exposed mostly to heavy winds.
I would also like to use a waterline, from the floor below it. I have no answer to your question yet, only questions, but I can keep you posted after Februari once I installed it.

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First of all make sure that your roof can hold the load. Then you should consider whether you will be able to run a hose out to the roof. The next factor which you should consider is the sun exposure and heat. You will have to provide some sort of shade. Then check whether you’ll have privacy with your neighbors and make sure that you consider some type of wall or fencing so it’ll be an additional safety barrier for kids.

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Hi there, a good care is needed to maintain rooftop garden. They should be protected from more water and storms.

Hi all,

I installed a “mobile” version of a farmbot with 4 wheels and a drainage system. Currently working since one week, if you need to have more information, please ask!

Rooftop gardening is the thing that makes the home more inviting to others. I had a visit to my cousin’s home last week in Sydney. I was really amazed by the design of her rooftop gardening. She told me about the professionals, about which she came to know through a website suggested by her friend. The team work is really appreciable, for the design they gave to her roof garden. You should definitely consult a professional who can help you in making your roof garden more attractive.

Great suggestions.

Rooftop Garden Plan
1.Start with a plan
2. Consult with the building engineer
3.Find a water source
4.Pick the right plants