Run protection - Launching conflicting sequences

I have been stress-testing my FB because of the weird things I am seeing and I found a bit of an issue.

I accidentally clicked ‘run’ on the dismount_tool() sequence twice in under a second. What I saw was a bit of a worry in that both commands were processed instead of FB declaring a conflict.

The FB

  1. Lifted Z to Zero.
  2. Moved to the correct XY location to dismount the tool.
  3. Lowered Z to the correct height to insert the tool into the rack
  4. Moved X into the correct tool destination location.
  5. Moved X out back to the dismount entry position
  6. Moved X into the correct tool destination location.
  7. Moved Z up to dismount.

FB sort of merged the two launched sequences together.
This make me wonder if there is thread launch protection and what happens if you are using the FB and a scheduled script launches.

It is repeatable and if you press it three times, it enters the slot three times.

Can someone else please test my observations.

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