Russian translation (offer)

Hi guys, thanks a lot for such a great project! In case u plan on adding Russian translation (potential audience: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan) let me know i d love to contibute.


Hi Maxim,

Thanks for the offer! Can you send me an email at so I can invite you to our translation service?

Hi all,
in case anyone has any question concerning Russian translation let me know, or lets use this thread to discuss any problems with the russian text.

I’ve already started making changes for Farmbot docs, I make myself familiar with the general Farmbot’s terminology now and later on I will do long texts rewrites. Pretty much every long text needs a rewrite, Google translate is good start/base but is still far away from perfection.


I assume the offer is to translate the documentation. I’m happy to let you know that I’ve started working on making the web application translatable as well. When the framework is in place, I invite you to take a look at that too, to give FarmBot users a fully localized experience, not just with the documentation.

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Yes i agree, a fully localized experience is a must cuz this project has so much potential worldwide

We all must understand too that as we continue to develop and change/update things, translations will need to be re-written and updated too. Just like FarmBot itself, translation will never be something that we “finish”, rather it will be an ongoing process :slight_smile: