School Farmbot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I’d like to share with you our Farmbot Express that we built. We’re a K-9 school, planning to use the garden for my Grade 4 class, my foods class, and a gardening club, all at different intervals throughout the year. This is hindered by Covid, but I’m hopeful we can run this soon. I’m just starting on getting it running. I need my IT to setup some stuff before we have WiFi access. I hope I can fill this with soil this month.

I have a couple questions if anyone would humour me:

  1. Is there any reason to have a drain in the planter box?

  2. Can anyone direct me to a reservoir and pump system that works? I don’t have easy access to a faucet or hose.



Plants grow better when there is good drainage. Some plants can tolerate puddles better than others. Too much humidity can lead to fungal growth also. Aside from adding a drain, you may also want to add perlite to your soil mix.

We did a writeup here, but don’t have any official endorsements. There are plenty to choose from, but please do keep in mind that this is for “inspiration only” - we don’t provide support because it is a modification to the official system.

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