Screen Programming

Win i bought my arduino it came with a small screen with the button an nobe. can any one help me with coding on makeing it work . i under stand i have to right a programe for it to say what i wont an win i wont but i am looking for some info on how to get there…

Thanks Guys !!! Steels Farm
Greenway AR

Usually you can connect the Arduino to a computer via a (micro)USB cable. On the computer, you open a program called Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). You can download it from the official Arduino website.

However, the guys from FarmBot are trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone. What you could probably just do is connect the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino with a USB cable, flash an SD card with the latest FarmBot OS image (instructions), and plug that SD card into the Raspberry Pi. The Pi should then take care of any firmware on the Arduino for you.

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