Seed planting sequence


I’m creating a plant seed sequence (multi-sequence command) and I’m curious as to which option I should go with that would be the most suitable and efficient

So, in the sequence builder - Should I include the move sequence within my “turn air-pump on sequence” between the wait and the final read pin to shut off the pump.

Picture for reference.

OR should I put the move command within the entire “plant seed sequence”

Farm on!

Can’t speak from experience, but I think placing an executable in your sequence just makes your sequence wait until that execution is finished. So in your second screenshot, it would turn on the vacuum, wait, then turn it off again, and then continue with the rest of the sequence.

If you want to pick up seeds and drop them somewhere else, you would need to:

  • Go to seed bin position
  • Turn vacuum on
  • Go to planting location
  • Turn vacuum off

In the case of watering plants, your proposed 2nd screenshot makes more sense:

  • FarmBot is stationary
  • Turning on water lets water flow
  • Waiting determines the amount of water
  • Turning off water stops the flow, before you start moving again

So yeah, for seeding you’d need to use a different approach as to watering.

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I apprecaite the help here,

Much thanks @mdingena! Im going to try this out today and hopefully finish my “plant seed” sequence.