Seeder and watering tool in one

Has anyone made a stl file of watering and seeder tools into one?
Or is there a reason that combining these tools is a bad idea?

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Not yet! And as far as I can tell this would be totally do-able without any drawbacks. The main advantages of this would be:

  • less tools/parts = less cost
  • less tool swapping required
  • less travelling back and forth to the tool bay
  • ability to water immediately after sowing
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I’ll give it a go :smiley:

then why you not implemented it?

hey luther,
how did you go with combining the tools?

Hey Nick,

I looked through my files and found a rendering but I can’t find the actual design file :cry:

Currently I’m working on a fertiliser spreader but I’ll have another go at this tonight If I can :smiley:

{EDIT} Never mind I found It. It looks complete but I think I had some stitching issues with it, hopefully It works alright.
Water Seeder Combo.stl (2.2 MB) Water Seeder Combo Build File

cool thanks Luther. i will try to print when i get everything setup again.