Selling my new made Farmduino, 50% off and 4 free A4988!

I had made 2 pieces of Farmduino V1.4 last year and not used them. Now I want to sell them and give away 4 FREE A4988 motor drive modules for each Farmduino.

Farmduino V1.4 A4
Compatible with Farmduino V1.4.

The difference with the official Farmduino V1.4 version is that the connector pins have been replaced with the more versatile XHB 2.54 connector.

For example, the components in the figure below: X3-X7. P8-P11, P12-P16, X9.

Microcontroller: ATmega2560

Input Voltage: 12- 24V

DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA

DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50 mA

Flash Memory: 256 KB (8 KB used by bootloader)



MEGA 2560 Clock Speed: 16 MHz

Connectors: XHB 2.54 3Pin, 4Pin, 7Pin

The following components are free of charge

XH 2.54 connectors master(Extra for backup)

XH 2.54 3 Pin: 9 pcs

XH 2.54 7 Pin: 5 pcs

XH 2.54 4 Pin: 6 pcs

metal pins for connections (about 90 -120 pcs)(FREE)

four A4988 components(worth $16) are also FREE charge:

All programs have been written, systems can run normally.

Receive and send data test passed:

Postage needs to be paid by yourself.

The goods are sent from Guangdong Province, China.