SEND_MESSAGE email channel seems broken for my inbox :)

Using Released FBOS v12.3.6 and testing SEND_MESSAGE with email channel, in a Sequence created with the lovely Web App web pages, I don’t see any email sent or any normal Log message on the Log channel either . . hmmmm :confused:

@jsimmonds I will take a look now and let you know what I find.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • email logs are batched into a digest that is sent on a timer (every 10 minutes)
  • Emails are put into a queue on our email vendor’s server once the digest is created. This adds more delay.

If you (or anyone who found this via search) needs a faster way to get email alerts, consider using the fatal_email channel.

@jsimmonds Can you check your spam folder and see if it was just a very long delay? I was able to send_message using both email and fatal_email channels.

I’m also seeing a very long list of sent messages to your account when I look at the email logs.

Nothing in Junk ( as Microsoft calls it )

Thanks for your help. Can I direct outbound emails to a different mailbox ?

Ok, thanks. “I’m a long-time listener, first-time user” of this email feature :blush:

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You would need to change your email address and reconfirm the address and whatnot.

Sorry @RickCarlino, still no email showing up using this bit of Lua :thinking:
Appears on log ticker though.

      "Farm Event created :: " .. inspect(json.decode(res.body)),

Tried different mailbox @ :tada: Works !

@RickCarlino are you able to see any bounce responses from or other Microsoft mail host ? I’m still getting donuts ( nothing ) from farmbot-mailer using that email :confounded: ( which also means I can’t verify when I want to switch back :slightly_frowning_face: )

@jsimmonds No bounces, just says “DELIVERED” on our end.

@RickCarlino thanks for that. If sent messages, prior to a few that worked yesterday, all say 'DELIVERED' then I’ll take the issue over to Microsoft ( !! ).

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@RickCarlino all working again on ( maybe Gee ! Thanks Microsoft ? )

But the latest email notification looks like this. I’ll check my scripts.

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