Send message on motor stall

2 days now with a somewhat “working” Express XL (albeit shipped with a defective camera). I am having lots of motor stalls. I’d like to send a message (and perhaps do other things) when the there is a motor stall. How do I call a sequence or Lua script when the machine throws a motor stall error? If I am just missing it in the developer’s docs then a URL to that would be great.

BTW, I installed aluminum rails because the wood rails are absolute garbage for this machine’s design. This fixed A LOT of tracking/alignment issues. Next up is to install some sort of wheels or 608-2RS bearings to ride on the sides to keep this thing from falling off or dragging on the track. Also some walls on the cable chain rails to keep it from constantly falling off.


FarmBot has an “ESTOP ON MOVEMENT ERROR” option. When FarmBot is e-stopped for more than 10 minutes, it will send a fatal email:


You will need to upgrade to the latest FBOS beta version to activate this feature.

If you have installed your device on a bed that has soft wood, scuffing will happen. Many users have installed aluminum flashing to the top of the garden bed as a means of reducing scuffing and reducing friction.

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