Sensors for soil fertility and room temperature?

Extending on Arduino and the Pi, soil sensors for Ph could be implemented in case the next batch requires healthier soil. This comes from a school project I was interested in. The idea was to replicate climates from around the world, then harvest plants in such an environment (completely automated). This required to change the Ph in the soil, room moisture, and temps. Then do what farmbot does best.
Farmbot could potentially help replicate current climates inside greenhouses, helping cope with future global warming effects. Perhaps even on Mars or the Moon.

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Absolutely! We could also maybe work with the MIT Open Ag program, who are all about controlling the environment:

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I will be installing an OpenAg V2 Food Computer to the St. Louis Science Centers GROW exhibit. I currently have built two which are on display at TechShop where we have weekly build nights focused on Open Source Ag-Tech.

I am working with a number of groups and would like to install one of these in combination with a controlled environment for research. I don’t have the funds to build a FarmBot myself, but if you know of any in the area I would love to see one in action if you know of any around Missouri.

We met up with the OpenAg folks at our NASA collaboration a few weeks ago, and there is definitely some synergy between our projects and teams. It will be great to see the first Food Computer + FarmBot installation come to life!

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