Sequence doesn't run

I’m trying to play with sequences a bit and I don’t seem to be able to get one to run. I know that this code will probably blow up the farm bot eventually because it recursively calls itself. When I “save and run” the sequence, nothing seems to happen. I tried "sync"ing the robot as well.

Here’s my sequence: I take a photo, send a message then wait for 5 min’s then recursively call the sequence to cause it to run again:

Here’s what the events say after “save and run” is pressed:

We are aware of a bug related to the situation you are experiencing, but we’d like to narrow it down. Can you try:

  1. Create a new sequence with just Send Message and Wait
  2. Save the sequence
  3. Add the execute block to call the sequence recursively
  4. Save the sequence again
  5. Press SYNC NOW
  6. Press SAVE & RUN