Sequencing Issue - Z movement

My students have been running a short water tool pick up sequence for several weeks with no issues. First step in sequence is:

Move Absolute: 0, 267, -204
(moves UTM directly over the water tool and lowers to 16mm above it)

For no apparent reason, the Z movement will now only travel down 100mm and then stops. The rest of the sequence goes as planned.

I’ve reviewed all the Homing, Motor, and Encoder settings and nothing seems incorrect.

Suggestions welcomed!

I’ve also been having a similar problem… X and Y movement doesn’t seem to be an issue, but if I try to move the z-axis further than a couple hundred mm I receive a “Got error while executing <any command>” error message.

I did a quick test this morning, and it seems like the problem is proportional to the time the motor is running:

  • When max speed is set to 300 steps/s, the z-axis fails at +/-75mm
  • When max speed is set to 600 steps/s, the z-axis fails at +/-150mm
  • When max speed is set to 1000 steps/s, it fails at +/-250mm.

I’ve only started troubleshooting my machine over the last month or so, but this error seems to have started up in the past week. JWells, is your issue also (seemingly) a function of time?

Hi again, I slept on the problem and think I figured out what was happening on my machine…

I measured the time for all three tests and they all came out to ~120seconds, which happened to be the default value for my “Timeout after (seconds)” on the Device page. It seems like if the command takes longer than the timeout value my machine automatically assumes the movement failed, even if it’s still in the middle of the movement. I set the timeout value to 600s, and the problem seems to have cleared up.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so have you found a better way to fix the issue?