Service outage for

Hello all,

We are currently experiencing a service outage for our domain name and subdomains, which includes the web app at The problem stems from our domain registrar and DNS provider, Encirca, who are working to resolve the issue.

I will update this thread when service is restored. Thank you for your patience.


Service has now been fully restored for the domain name as well as all of our subdomains including Thank you all for your patience.

As mentioned previously, the issue was with our domain registrar and DNS provider, Encirca, who reported:

Approximately 1,800 domains using our DNS service experienced loss of DNS services due to a catastrophic server failure with one of our DNS providers.

While Encirca resolved the issue earlier today, we have since switched our DNS nameservers to Cloudflare, a company known for much higher reliability in the DNS space. We hope this switch will increase our uptime and avoid incidents like this in the future.


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