Setting End points for x,y,z axis

Would someone give me a list of steps for setting end points. I see some sort of interaction between the Home button in the control tab and the device, (Home y, calibrate y, zero y ) turn on encoders and enable end stops.

Am I to early? The programmers were working on the yesterday. What is the planned sequence.

At this point I turn off my Farmbot move it to where I want home. turn it on and reconnect. Press the Control Home. I then start from there and try to establish end points. using the device tab. Things happen in that my sequence, "three points y 300 mm then forward 300 mm, then back, Y 900 mm and repeat gives me a nice grid most of the time. At times I run into the end points on the y track in particular. It is not comments about the program that I am interested in. I can change the program easy enough. It is the setting and control of the end points.

Hey @Albert,

am i getting it right that you want to set the endpoints manually?

“enable end stops” is only necessary if you have endstops installed on the tracks of your farmbot. You can see them in action here (orange). Right now, they are not part of the farmbot kit.


With the latest release of FarmBot OS, you can enable the encoders and use the Homing buttons to have the device automatically find the end (the home, or zero) of each axis. If you wish to do it manually, you can move each axis to the end and press the Set zero postion buttons.

The latest FarmBot OS image can be downloaded here, with the new features available at

No, these are custom made. I like having a physical 0 well defined as this helps a lot for calibration. Moving by hand is prone to errors. Endstops are quite cheap, below 1 € if I remember correctly, tell me if you are interested in the design of the endstop-holders. Best.