Setting Up A Rain Barrel and Pump

I have read the documentation about the capturing and use of rainwater with a rain barrel, but I am looking for some more detailed information about the actual set up. I have ordered the pump suggested in the document, but I don’t understand how to install it. Is it intended to be submerged in the water barrel? If so, how are the electrical leads then connected to the RAMPS? Some detailed steps with photos or drawings would be very helpful, especially for those of us stepping into this kind of DIY for the first time.

Hey @SGradle

I assume you read the article on
The Pump you bought is probably this one.
Yes this is a pump that needs to be submerged and can be used pretty easily. I’m also using this kind.
The electrical leads are connected to RAMPS where you usually connect the water valve, as you can see on the image blow (D9). Perhaps you will need to extend the short wire of your pump to get it connected with RAMPS.

More detailed information and guides are generally hard to share because there are a lot of different ways to set up this mod. It really depends on your needs and parts. If you still have any questions fee free to ask us :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this information. It was a big help. I did read the article, but it gave lots of detail on installing the float (which I really appreciated) but nothing on installing the pump. I have never, ever built anything like this, so I am really struggling. What I’m having a hard time with is how do I run the electrical wires out of the barrel without letting water out, too? Seriously, I need this level of basic information. Have you, or anyone, done this, or a similar thing like a pond or water feature?

Also, am I connecting the submerged pump to the power cables that I would have used for the solenoid pump? How do I connect the water from the barrel to the FarmBot? I know every barrel is a little different, but the basics are the same. The pump pushes the water out through what? An attached garden hose? Do I need to use the brass coupling, pressure reducer, and the adapter to then connect it to the garden hose coming from the barrel? The mechanics of this are very difficult for me to picture. I don’t mean to seem dense, I just truly do not get it.

The wires that are used for the solenoid valve might not be adequate for use with the pump. You might need to get longer wire from your local hardware store depending on how far away your barrel is, and you will need to find a way to connect that safely to the pump. I would recommend soldering and then covering the connections with shrink wrap. You could run the wires out of the top of the barrel and then to your FarmBot. Just make sure you don’t create a tripping hazard :wink:

For the tubing, you will need to connect the pump to the 1/4" ID tubing that goes to the UTM. You will probably need to add some extension tubing, and pick up the needed adapters. Perhaps you can just take a small section of the tubing and the pump to your local hardware store and a representative there can help you select the needed parts. Again, you could run the tubing out the top of the barrel, or through the side if you drilled a hole in the barrel and added a well sealing grommet.