Setting up an Express Home, XYZ, motor function and movement

Hey there,

I’m getting our farmbot started at our school. We’ve had a lot of fun building and setting it up, we’re trying to configure the unit now with a little bit of struggle. Granted I’m very new at this, but I’m loving the challenge so far.

I’m coming across a few challenges I need to solve:

  • I’m wondering if we tightened the belts too tight, based on the movement sounds we get when travelling on any axis.

  • I’m trying to set a home position first by using stall detection then using the Find Home function for all axes. When I try so I get this result.

  • Seeing that this is in a beta state, I try to move the axes to my bottom left perspective, but since the home position is set to somewhere middle top right, it limits my movement and greys out the option to move manually on the X and Y. I’ve set “allow move past home” but then I get movement like this.

Should I move by hand the whole system to my desired home, set it, and go from there? I’m thinking based on the sound of the machine we’re not getting the right power/tension.

I should mention at each movement attempt, it will move slightly three times, then stop with a “relative movement fail”

@kegli It sounds like you’re almost done with the setup, but need to do some final fine-tuning of your firmware settings. It is entirely possible that you did tighten the cables too far (the video looks like your device is simply stalling), as this is something we see from time-to-time. Cable tension is not something that can be easily measured, but as a general rule, you should not need to tighten the belts beyond thumb tightness. When I am installing a device, I just pull the belt tight with my index finger and clamp it down. Not too tight, not too loose.

Assuming you purchased a full kit from FarmBot, Inc. you can receive free technical support for movement issues by emailing @Marc will be happy to provide you with email support.

Please provide the following information when requesting support:

  • Your original order number for proof of purchase (alternatively, you may contact us from the same email that you used to purchase your kit)
  • The email address associated with your FarmBot Web App account (

Please let me know if you require further assistance.

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