Sewage backup in the yard

Hello all,
We recently moved to our new home in Toronto. Yesterday I felt some foul smell in my front yard. I just went around for a look. I found the front yard flowing mainly when the toilet is flushed. What could be the possible reason? It looked really awkward. As it is the front yard, I cannot leave it as such for a long time. I found some tips online to prevent sewer backup. Should I call a plumbing service?? I noticed toilet paper in the sewer backup. Is the main drain clogged?? What shall I do now??

Call the municipal sewer office. The clog may be backing up from the main. They tend to be very helpful until they determine it is coming from your property. They may also be helpful with a history. Call the previous owner or realtor.

Might the connection have been shut off due to lack of payment?

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