Share photos of your build!


Probably the first Farmbot built in Indonesia. Big thanks to the Farmbot Team and all of those in the forum who had helped me building my farmbot :grinning: . Cheers!


Hey guys,

We’re students from Greenschool Bali, we wanted to show you our amazing Farmbot. We started working on this Student Led project 3 weeks ago.

Here are some photos of the Farmbot.

Here is the link to our video showing our farmbot.

I hope everyone has a good day,
Lucas and Gusde


I am off the grid! (with the backup)


Just got my Farmbot XL but its fall here and I was going to install the raised garden bed until this:

Turned to this:

So most of it is built inside for now:

Can I program it to build snowmen all winter?



Our build of the FarmBot community garden in the atrium of our middle school.