Share photos of your (Software) build!

Same style as exists for the hardware section: Share photos of your build!
I´d like to start a thread to show how people are using Farmbot on a software aspect.

To start off: I am using FB via openhab with a nodemcu delivering all values for soil moisture, temperature etc… Moreover the bot decides based on the current soil moisture and the weather forecast if it should water or not. That is the only function which is currently working on my bot, besides taking pictures…

See some pictures about the data implementation below, I am using influxDB:

I am playing around with the position of the soil moisture sensor in the raised bed this is why the readings do not make any sense.

And here´s the control page for the Farmbot inside a Habpanel in openhab:

Would be great if we could see other software implementations as well…



Wow that interface looks awesome! So much information at your fingertips. Sorry I don’t have anything to share from my side, but I am just really impressed by yours.