Share your crop specific sequences

Thanks for this great invention! I have setup the farmbot and I now would like to import/add a few sequences to take care of the vegetables. Does someone wants to share their crop specific sequences with me? @RickCarlino @roryaronson

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Hi @farmfan,

There is not currently a way to export/import/share sequences. However, you can see some example sequences here.

Hi Rory,

Thanks for your message!

The example is very useful. Do you maybe have more screenshots of sequences you are using?


Thanks for the example.

2 years later. Did this ever change? I think it would useful to be able to exchange sequences rather than starting from scratch. Is this a feature that you would ever consider adding.

Im just getting started with Farm bot and one of the biggest questions I have is leveraging the growing experience of others rather than starting the scratch. Thoughts?

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@Jarvisdvs It’s still on the road map and still a priority, but not the highest priority, unfortunately. As a small 4 person company with only 2 full-time software developers on staff (including myself) our main focus in 2020 has been:

  • Fixing bugs, stability problems and scalability issues- a bigger issue to tackle with the usage spike we’re seeing in 2020.
  • Moving towards the v3 weed detector. You will likely see a big announcement about this one in December 2020 if all goes as planned.

It is unlikely that there will be a sequence sharing hub in 2020, but it is a long term goal. Your point about sharing knowledge is 100% valid and was our main motivation for building tools like OpenFarm.

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