Shorten Wire Lengths

Howdy all,

We had to downsize our XL to fit our space. Wondering if anyone can give us advice on the best way to deal with a large excess of wiring that we’re worried is going to get caught on something.

  1. Shorten it? If this is a good path, how to best do this?
  2. Zip tie excess somewhere? We do have a significant amount.


Hi Josh, I guess it depends on which hardware you’ve got available and which skills? Are you able to crimp cables? If so why would you bother to shorten it? Else I guess storing is a good idea, I stored my cables near the Raspberry station…

Hey Josh,

If you want to downsize the XL to fit the space you can use the Zip ties to manage the FarmBot wires and cables. Here is an example of a FarmBot Genesis v1.4 XL that was placed in an area approximately 1.5m x 1.5m. The most important thing is that the cables are out of the way.

I do what @Marc has shown with the cable ties. It works well and is an easy fix.

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