Shortening the length of x-axis--Is this possible?

Hi, our school has just ordered a Genesis XL. We’ve just received permission to place it indoors, which is our ideal location. However, the 3m long x-axis may present a challenge. Any thoughts on shortening the x-axis, so the whole set up is 2m x 6m? Has anyone done this? Any problems I might encounter later on with set up and running of the farmbot by changing this one parameter?
Thanks in advance

Welcome Aidan
I built my Farmbot by buying some parts locally, and some specialized parts (such as the Farmduino) directly from Farmbot. I used a non standard length for my garden bed, which the Farmbot seems quite willing to accommodate, simply by entering coordinates. The main thing to make sure you get right is the location of the tool-bay, since all of the tool mounting and dismounting is dependent on this staying in the same location…

Agreed with @dmbgo. You can cut the aluminum extrusions to any length with a standard hacksaw and adjust your garden length via the settings panel. This is what I do for the FarmBot in my backyard- it is a FarmBot XL cut to length to fit over a small garden bed.

thanks for the feedback everyone. I think we will have to make a change to the width to fit it in our space.
Will let you know how it goes.