Shouldn't GCS_ID be called differently?

Hi! I’ve run my local installation for quite some time now but never took any photos, since I’m only using the electronics and not the rest of the actual, “real” Farmbot hardware, so basically just an electronics prototype consisting of a RPi, Arduino, some motors and now also an old webcam. Anyway, I just came across the settings in the application.yml concerning Google Cloud storage but I found one of their names to by a bit confusing:

GCS_ID takes the interop secret but is, obviously, labelled something with “ID”. In the code it is later assigned to SECRET, that’s how I was actually able to figure out, that this was not for the actual “Cloud Storage ID” (for the different team members in a GC project) but the secret.

It works fine now, I just found the naming to be confusing and was wondering if there was a reason for it.

Anyway, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Hi there I noticed you had a local farmbot install, just wondering if you were able to get the gantry to work and actually move the farmbot servos via the local install. Just gathering information for our local farmbot install and am working with Gabriel to resolve some issues with the local install not actually connecting with the farmbot gantry.

Hi, yeah I do indeed have the local instance, but, as I wrote, only the motors connected to the Arduino but nothing else attached, so no gantry per se. But I’m able to control and turn the motors, meaning in theory it should be able to move :wink:

EDIT: just dropped you a PN