Simulation of Farmbot on virtual machines


Hi guys,

I would like to simulate the Farmbot OS on a Qemu virtual machine, but for this I need the Linux kernel. In the config.txt file the Farmbot team mentions that the kernel is ‘zImage’, but anyway when I tell the system take this kernel, it is not able to run it. Moreover, I have tried with a normal Linux 4.4.93 kernel, but it does not work neither. Do you know how can I do it?

Thank you.


Are you trying to run the FarmbotOS on an VM on an X86 machine or on a Pi?


I am trying on a Qemu machine, which is speciallized for ARM architectures. Here you can find information about Qemu:


I’m curious as to why you want to simulate FarmbotOS on Qemu?

For what it’s worth, I already have support for QEMU, but it’s not very useful, being that FarmbotOS expects a wifi chip, network access, etc to work, and it’s also incredibly slow on ARM, even on a reasonably fast machine.

If all you want is to run FBOS on your host x86_64 machine that is how most development is done and is really easy to setup.

just git clone then follow the readme.



My intention was to simulate some code I have done before I load it into the Raspberry Pi. But, you are right, so I will do it on the Raspberry Pi directly.

Thank you.


@hormigo You don’t have to do it on the Pi directly. You can certainly run the application on your desktop PC.