Single or multiple connection events for a sequence composed of many actions

Hello everyone.
Is an entire sequence (with many single action blocks like: messages, movements, …) command sent to the Farmbot all at once (in a single communication with all the instructions) or a stable live connection is required since the “sequence started” up to the “sequence completed”?
In other words: are all the single instructions which the sequence is made of sent one by one with many communication events between the application server and the Farmbot, or are all the instructions wrapped in a single communication event?

This is critical for our project due to an artificial delay in communications that will be applied between our Python project (commands sender) and the Farmbot server at
Thus, will the Farmbot execute the entire (long) sequence without any delay once the sequence starts?

I hope you can help me; thank you very much for the help

Sequence code is stored locally on the bot and synced with a copy in the Web App, which is why you can initiate a sequence from a Farmbot Button while the bot is offline :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the tip @jsimmonds . Unfortunately I need to run the sequence from a Python project using the Farmbot package ( Farmbot.connect(MyHandler()) ), so not physically through a Farmbot Button.

The question is: 'Will the sequence be executed without any delay once it starts even if I have a constant delay in communications between my PC (where the Python is running) and the server?

This info is crucial since the artificial delay set between the PC and the server could take up to many minutes before the communication starts.
I can wait the delay just once but could be no more acceptable to wait for the delay N times (in case my long sequence is composed of N actions). Are these actions sent to the Farmbot all at once or one by one?


Yes, I believe that is true and I will verify on my own bot with a 107-step Sequence that I prepared earlier :slight_smile: and will report the result soon.

As I mentioned above, the code for all steps in the Sequence is stored locally on the bot (SQLite3 db) and ready to execute.

Provided the comms path between the Farmbot device and the Web App is up and reliable you should be ‘good to go’ :tm:

It worked as described.
I used Node.js and the farmbot package from ( but same deal as you using Python library )

I kicked off the Sequence from my PC then dropped the client session and closed the terminal.
The requested ‘107 steps’ Sequence ran to completion on the bot.

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Thank you very much @jsimmonds, your advise really solved our problem :star_struck:

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