Size of 3D parts downloaded from onshape ar e to small :(


could you help me ? i trying to download 3d part from onshpe, but the downloaded STL file is very small when i open it in CURA.

what i do wrong ?

Thanks for your help
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do not open it from “all 3d printable parts” instead navigate through the model for the individual part that you need - this way they print with correct sizes.

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Thank you for your answer. I just tried, but the problem is still there. There is something I do not have to understand

nobody can help me ?:sleepy:

You can download the zip file that contains all the parts.
The file sizes are relatively small.
I am not familiar with CURA, but maybe you can try another application, just to rule out CURA doing something funny…

Thanks Intelbotfarmer,
but where is the link to download this zip file

yes i try with other apllication, but whe have the same result …

Which units are you using when you export and import the STL? Scaling the STL by 25.4 in Cura may help if there is an inches/millimeters units mismatch and the parts appear small.

Select the export unit to Millimeter~