Size of 3D printed parts?

I don’t see dimensions for the 3D printed parts anywhere. Can anybody tell me what the dimensions of the largest 3D printed parts are, as well as what precision of 3D printing is necessary for these parts? (I’m trying to decide if the little 3D printer I am getting is adequate to the task.)

if you download the 3d print files you can go to site like that will tell you the sizes that are needed for that part

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Thank you for that. If I am reading the output from properly, then, the largest 3D-printed part (z-axis motor housing) is just under 4 inches in its largest dimension - right? As such, as long as my 3D printer will print at least 4.5"x4.5"x4.5", then I should be fine to print any parts I need?

(Sorry for what may be dumb questions - I’m brand new to 3D printing, and obviously to FarmBot.)

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Yep, that is correct!