"Smart" UTM tool-head

Hi everyone,

I am looking to create a custom seeding tool head (yet another one). For that I want to control 2 servos and one TOF sensor.
I think it would be better to integrate a small MCU to the tool head itself in order to control the servos and sensors, as well as for working as a interphase with the Farmduino board via the UTM pins.

So far I haven’t found much information if something like that is possible or not.

The only sort of useful information I found is the possibility to use UART communication but as I understand it, that is directly to the Raspberry Pi and not to the Farmduino board via the UTM pins.

I hope someone can help me.
The Famrbot project is super interesting but sometimes I have the feeling that the Software is quite rigid and not too easy to do new things. For me creating new tool heads should be one of the main features of the platform.

Anyway, thanks for your time and hard work!

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There’s lots of good information in the thread you’ve linked, and UART communication is implemented as outlined in the linked documentation page. To use the Lua UART functions to communicate with a device at the UTM, the wires in the UTM cable can be connected to a USB to serial adapter. Each of the UTM wires can be rerouted anywhere in the electronics box by using the pins on the Farmduino below the UTM cable connector.

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