Soft reset suspended

Any explanation why you’re getting rid of the soft reset feature?

@Klimbim To be clear, we’re not suspending soft resets. We’re suspending the “auto soft-reset” features.

Here’s our logic:

  • FarmBot in 2021 is able to withstand network outages much better than 4-5 years ago.
  • It is not a popular feature.
  • It is a dangerous feature if misunderstood by end-users (and I can tell you from experience, this is common).
  • Under some circumstances, it is possible to trigger a soft reset even with this feature disabled. The circumstances are complicated and rare, but they do happen and the results are catastrophic.
  • Some customers, without understanding the implications, have enabled this feature and then submitted support requests to us. This is time-consuming for support staff and takes us away from more pressing support issues.

Simply put, auto soft-reset offers marginal convenience to a small subset of users while creating a huge risk to other customers.

We are considering adding a “SOFT RESET” block to the sequence and users that really need this feature can write a sequence that binds to a button on the electronics box (essentially a soft reset button that you can manually trigger).


understood, appreciated, thanks!

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