Softer watering tool for UTM (looking for help)

I have a Genesis V1.2+. Are there any better watering heads for the UTM that water “softer” than the original design? I need a spray that is gentler on small seedlings and plants that are just emerging. Otherwise I will have to water those plants by hand to prevent damage. Looking for ideas, pictures, or a design that I can 3D print at a friend’s house.

There are posts and replies in this forum that might help you, e.g.

Thinking of orderings some of this mesh and using it as a secondary aerator screen about 1cm below Gen 1.2 watering tool.

Hi, I did print the watering tool without holes (use cad to put a thin plate to blind the holes). then I drilled 0.3mm holes. I see only one disadvantage of this - It need some filter in front of the Watering tool. The holes was clogged by water algae in summer (from the pipe).

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